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Corporate Genealogy

EnerLink maintains a comprehensive database of corporate genealogy related to the oil and gas industry, which is best viewed by becoming an EnerLink subscriber. Below we provide access to a large subset of the data (over 70,000 records), which we make available to industry free of charge.

Type the first 3 or more characters of the entity name in the space below, then click Search. Your results will replace the default information that is displayed. Hovering over or clicking on the last column shows what data is available in EnerLink for the successor entity in question. If the name of the successor is the same as the name of the entity you searched, they are likely one and the same, though it is possible that there are in fact intermediate entities.

Why EnerLink?

Corporate genealogy is a core function of EnerLink, which costs as little as $100 per month for company-wide distribution. On the home screen of this website there are a number of screenshots and reports that illustrate how comprehensive a service EnerLink is.

With respect to corporate genealogy, here are some of the things that you are missing by not subscribing to EnerLink:

  • Above you see only the entities you search and their successors (they may be one and the same). Intermediate entities are also displayed in EnerLink, together with more information such as transaction dates and detailed document descriptions.
  • If an entity is not being tracked by EnerLink, we will track it at no cost at the request of an EnerLink subscriber.
  • In EnerLink a PDF of the relevant document for each corporate event (incorporation, name change, amalgamation, merger, etc.) may be viewed and printed.
  • EnerLink lets you work both backwards and forwards, seeing all steps at a time.
  • EnerLink lets you print a number of reports. Chain View Reports provide a unique graphical "3D" way of representing genealogy chains.
  • Asset transactions "break out" of genealogy chains and are not taken into consideration above. EnerLink has over 1,000 asset documents and permits you to "jump" between genealogy chains.
  • EnerLink subscribers can elect to receive email notifications of newly added corporate documents (typically two emails per week).
  • All corporate documents in EnerLink are meticulously indexed and worded. The document descriptions can be copied and pasted.
  • EnerLink screens are integrated, so that once you are focusing on a particular entity, you can easily view all available information.