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Production Statistics

EnerLink's Profiles feature displays production statistics and areas in which producers operate. Below is a subset of that data. For information about subscribing to EnerLink, please email us at info@enerlink.ca.

Why EnerLink?

EnerLink costs as little as $100 per month for company-wide distribution. On the home screen of this website there are a number of screenshots and reports that illustrate how comprehensive a service EnerLink is.

With respect to production statistics and operating areas, here are some of the differences between what you see above and what EnerLink offers:

  • In EnerLink the data fields can be sorted, areas can be displayed based on one or more of Canada, U.S.A. and Other, filters can be applied (e.g. "Duvernay" or "Permian"), and you can specify minimum and maximum BOE/d limits.
  • In EnerLink, when you click on a row of data, the detailed production information for the entity in question appears on the screen. Typically you see, at a minimum, the breakdown between produced substances. Often there is further information, such as where production is from. The amount of detail depends on the level of disclosure by the entity in question.
  • EnerLink will have reporting and export functions.
  • EnerLink screens are integrated, so that once you are focusing on a particular entity, you can easily view all available information.